Leverage Model

Strategic Audit; Cultural Audit; Sales Systems Audit:
How does the current business architecture support the efficiency and productivity of your organization? To what extent are the primary intangible assets integrated around strategic goals achievement? We will help you find answers to these questions using our professional diagnostic tools.

Defining the Area for Improvement:
On the basis of our analysis, we will work with you on defining the area where our intervention is most needed and will bring optimized return from your investment in our services.

Change Architecture:
What is the essence of the intended change, and how does it merge with your corporate strategy? Why is change needed, what results will it bring, and what risks are involved if change is not implemented? How will the change affect the specific parts of the organization or its environment? We will answer these and many other questions while defining the change architecture.

Implementation of Change:
Change implementation is the key point of every LEVERAGE program. We manage change on the basis of verified and most efficient models for integrating change management with current results. Furthermore, we work with you on efficient internal communication concerning the change, maintaining the right momentum and morale.

Building Potential:
Which key skills and competences do we have to develop to ensure growth and achievement of strategic goals? This part of building an efficient and productive organization may involve:

  • Development of key competences in one or more departments,
  • Building functional excellence in the selected area (such as management of operations, sales, etc.),
  • Group or individual training, including on the basis of our e-learning platform.

All LEVERAGE training programs are based on the client’s individual needs, and adapted to the unique characteristics of the client's business.


Continuous Improvement:
Continuous change and improvement is the sign of our times. In order for your company to be able to continuously and flexibly adapt to changes in its environment, we will help you integrate the management process with the strategic learning process across the entire organization.