Leverage Your Life

During the last forty years, the number of persons diagnosed with clinical depressions increased almost four times in developed countries. More and more people are haunted by anxiety, tiredness and bad mood. The latter condition is difficult to define. It does, however, involve stress, boredom, apathy, and finally frustration. Is it possible to counteract these phenomena successfully? Yes, it is. Your body and mind only needs a strong simultaneous practice to awaken your hidden potential. “Leverage Your Life” area programs are based on the assumptions of “work-life integrity”and on the DEFENDO system, a European martial art. Their objective is to build an individual who is aware of their capability, able to handle various situations, with a positive outlook on life. In creating and implementing these programs, we work together with world class instructors associated in the European society called DEFENDO Alliance.

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Emotional intelligence development for leaders

Workshop based on research of the California Institute for the Future on emotional and social intelligence necessary for efficient relationships building. Research shows that high EQ increases your chances of professional success, releases your entrepreneurial potential, builds leadership, health, satisfaction with relations, good humor and feeling of happiness. (Source: Professor Camorro-Premuzic, University College London, 2013). The participants become more aware of the mental mechanisms occurring in their own minds and in the members of their respective teams; consequently, they become more able to influence their own and other people’s behavior.


A recurring problem with working together with peers, departments? More meetings that fail to yield constructive solutions for problems, disputes? Conflicts between logistics and sales, marketing and sales, finance and investments, etc.? Conflicting interests of various departments? Many problems can be resolved quickly and constructively, based on several rules used by mediators on a daily basis. During the workshop, you will be able to learn the mediator's tools and practice their usage on the basis of realistic conflicts at the company. The workshops can be dedicated to resolving a specific problem and may constitute the basis for building relationships between specific individuals or departments.

of Leader’s Self-Confidence

TAO is the program for building a self-confident individual who accepts challenges and manages them at least above average. The specific stages of training will teach you how to act efficiently out-of-the-box, in non-standard situations. Elimination of fear of confrontation is achieved through learning to recognize various hazards, acquiring efficient defence methods, and practice to put the participant out of their comfort zone.


The ability to work in a multicultural environment is so fascinating! But is it always easy? Do you know the source of possible dispute? This workshop is based on Geert Hofstede’s 4 culture dimensions, and on the scientific accomplishments in the field of anthropology, helpful in efficient analysis of differences between specific cultures present in the organization. The objective of this training is to achieve higher multicultural awareness and to enhance communication skills that help reaching an agreement.



What is stress? What are the consequences of prolonged stress? How can you define your own predisposition to stress? How to efficiently work on yourself to improve your level of comfort? This workshop will give you answers to the above questions and tools for independent work on reducing stress and mitigating its consequences. Participants will practice on worksheets they will receive for individual work after the workshop. In the second part of the course, a meditation and relaxation session will be held, which can also be used during several-minute breaks


Participants get a pack of necessary ready-to-use practices that can be applied in their daily lives. During the training, they will have the opportunity of experiencing various methods of managing burnout, to be able to choose those which are most efficient for themselves. All the proposed activities are based on one hand on the results of recent studies in various areas of psychology and neurobiology, and on the other hand they are easy to implement. The course ends with creating an individual action plan and development of strategies to support its implementation.


The following goals are accomplished during joint family workshops:

  • increased personal safety awareness for the whole family
  • improvement of general health and well-being through physical effort
  • family integration
  • learning how to successfully defend yourself and deal with difficult situations.
Kompas ®

As a team, we have specific tasks to be covered. We complete multiple steps every day to complete these tasks. Sometimes what happens inside your team is pushed off the foreground, to the far background. Conflict? Change? Excessive workload? Clashes in collaboration with other departments? We suggest a workshop during which, based on a specific structure, we will watch the processes taking place within the team. We will capture the failing points of the mechanism and find a way to “lubricate” them. The workshop makes teams begin to work more efficiently and team members to be more motivated.


Travel Team Coaching

How to enhance motivation and confidence. The purpose of the workshop is to build motivation and mutual trust; following the completion of training, knowledge is transferred to the workplace. Workshop away from the company, lasting several days. A group of people who function within a specified framework on a daily basis get a specific task. The task consists of several steps and each participant has an assigned role. Every stage is reviewed, conclusions are drawn on a day-to-day basis, we make analogies between what happens during the task and what happens during the daily work. Travelling together is always successful - even if the task is not completed, the volume of reflection and increase of motivation is invaluable.

Circus story ®
Learning through experience is the most efficient way for adults to acquire skills. We suggest a program with outcomes that will find a permanent place in personnel teams. The workshops will raise awareness of the current functioning of the team and help develop more efficient operating strategies for the leader and employees. Shared experience of a different dimension, discussion of such experience and professional analysis of strong points and challenges, particularly while overcoming your limitations in circus conditions, will lead to drawing the necessary conclusions and translating them into specific action plans.