Salespeople’s Time Management


If you can trust the members of your sales team, you can reach for more extremely important and useful skills.

Do you know:

What measure you use to determine commitment? What criteria, what facts you use to determine the commitment of others? Finally, how you assess this commitment? What you are guided by when giving feedback?

How often do you perceive your team members as THEY? What do you do when you hear: ‘I didn’t do that, they did’, or ‘they should do that’, or ‘I though he would do it’?

How often do you yourself seek explanations for a failure that could be unrelated to your actions?

How do you assess your goals, how often do you think about results you can experience through achieving the goal? How do you care about your goals? How do you care about the effects for yourself?

We will teach you how to work with a team of local salespeople, how to manage field experts, including highly distributed teams.

We will make sure that your management information system in sales be commonly accepted, implemented in an efficient and reasonable manner.

You will define the right criteria for the tasks, and measures representing the commitment and own involvement of every salesperson,

You will learn about the factors determining added value contributed by each of them to your common goals, and how to manage them.